Developed with you. Produced for you. Direct to you.

Proximity Malt is a different kind of malt company, committed to providing our customers with quality, service and reliability. Proximity will establish, maintain and sustain access to local grains for quality malt processing, at a scale that provides consistency, efficiency, and variety in malt sourcing for craft brewers, distillers and food companies.

Proximity will shorten supply chains from what exist today, to provide our customers a consistent, regional supply of specialty malted and roasted grains.

We are There For You

We are constructing two malthouses in barley rich areas.

One is in Monte Vista, Colorado, which traditionally has grown barley for more than 50 years. We will be repurposing a manufacturing facility in the San Luis Valley into a modern, regional malthouse, to take advantage of this rich barley history and offer locally grown and malted grains to the growing brewing market in the Southwest.

Delaware and its neighboring states, such as Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, are known for consistent barley production. The Mid-Atlantic region is the largest winter barley-growing region in North America. The second plant will be in the midst of this region located in Laurel, Delaware.

Each site will have their own lab, along with a lab at our Collaboration Center in Milwaukee WI, where we will have pilot malting and roasting capability to mimic our full scale plants. This will allow us to collaborate with our customers.

grain stalk


Proximity Malt is committed to a full range of products from base malts to roasted; barley malts to specialty grains. All will be produced with an understanding of nature’s abundant variation to create a consistent, quality product, ready for shipment in bulk, totes or bags.

We are committed to ensure security of brewers’ raw material needs, by developing a consistent barley supply; and by engineering our processes to reduce natural variation. This will ensure production of the flavors and colors that will satisfy brewers’ demands.

Developed with you. Produced for you. Direct to you.