About Us

We are Proximity Malt

We are a regional malting company. Proximity is building new malthouses in Monte Vista, CO and Laurel, DE. We have selected these sites based on their abundance of local barley. The locations are in rural communities that would enjoy significant economic benefit from a malting facility. Due to an abundance of customers who are looking for locally-grown, sustainable, and consistently malted grains.

Proximity has a Collaboration Center in Milwaukee, WI, capable of semi-works malting and roasting. Particularly, to support the main malthouses, and to work closely with malt users to provide opportunities for product development.



Our careers have encompassed all aspects of malting and agribusiness. Notably, sourcing barley, malting it, selling it, and accounting for it – (we’ve converted our bean counters to grain counters). We are committed to our customers, our communities, our industry, and especially, our malts.


In essence, we believe in variety of products, customers, and our natural world. Nature loves diversity, however, our customers love consistency. With this in mind, we develop the optimal barley varieties that work within our regional environments, in our malting systems, and with our customers, to find the right balance. This is our challenge, which we will meet through future collaboration with barley breeders, growers, and malt users.



Our malting systems are designed to be flexible and scalable to malt production. Providing our malters and maltsters with the ability to meet customer-defined standards of quality. We will have malt analysis labs at each plant providing local managers with timely feedback on the process and analysis results.



By supporting biodiversity in crop rotations and new barley varieties, Proximity encourages sustainability by offering expanding choices to local farmers. We shorten the supply chain, resulting in a greener and more efficient malt product line for our customers. Furthermore, by working collaboratively with farmers and customers, we will encourage new, diverse, growing regions. In order to develop a more efficient supply chain than that which exists today, as well as, produce the right balance to meet the malt specifications of our customers.