About Us

We are Proximity Malt

We are a regional malt company, headquartered in Milwaukee, WI with malthouses in Monte Vista, CO and Laurel, DE.  We’ve repurposed existing buildings into state-of-the-art malting masterpieces. From homebrewers to craft beer creators, distillers and food companies, we enjoy providing locally-grown, sustainable and consistently malted grains to our customers.


We are committed to our customers, our communities, our industry, and especially, our malts.  Our group has encompassed all aspects of malting and agribusiness.  We understand barley from sourcing to malting. We work with growers to develop the optimal barley varieties that work within our regional environments, in our malting systems, and with our customers, to find the right balance.  Nature loves diversity; however, our customers love consistency.


Our malting equipment is specially designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining consistent production.  With labs in place at all locations, we are able to provide local managers with timely feedback on process and analysis results.  Keeping orders on time and within spec.


Biodiversity, crop rotation and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords, they are cornerstones to more efficient and environmentally friendly malt products.  We work collaboratively with farmers and customers and encourage new, diverse, growing regions. This helps create more efficient supply chains as we produce the right products, in the right places to meet the malt specifications of our customers.