Mid Atlantic

laurel grain


The Laurel, Delaware malthouse will be built in the heart of the winter barley growing region of the Mid-Atlantic.  The revitalized grain elevator will be transformed into an efficient grain facility with the addition of new conveyors and cleaning equipment.  Additionally,  storage segregation will be a true asset to accommodate the variety of malt products that we will produce for discriminating malt customers.  The malthouse construction continues alongside the elevator, and is on schedule for production in 2018.


We are working on developing the local barley for a portion of our needs. It is important to realize that most of the barley grown in the Mid-Atlantic is a winter barley. Which allow the farmer to benefit from the cover crop during the winter months, significantly protecting the soil from erosion and moisture loss. Winter barley harvests, in most cases, are early enough to allow a summer crop planting.  This allows an optimum use of crop land, bringing added value to the farmer.

We will collaborate with the many stakeholders in the region to introduce malting barley varieties that are adaptive to the regional soil types and climate. In order to, develop a number of options for the dynamic brewing industry present in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our 2016 barley harvest has been completed and is presently in the bin. The quality was better than we were previously anticipating. Despite, the wet growing conditions this season, with low proteins and nice plump kernels. Our two-row winter barley trial went very well.  We plan on expanding the acres planted to this variety in the fall.  Let us know if you are interested in trialing some local two-row or six-row malting varieties.