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Proximity Malt, 06-17-2022

From its inception, the Proximity Malt team sought to provide customers a domestic option to a wide range of exceptional malt flavors. Our full portfolio of malts and roasted products is made possible by our innovative ‘Continuous Coil’ roaster. If you’re interested in understanding the roasting process, visit our Roasting… Read more

Proximity Malt, 04-29-2022

2022 BARLEY CROP OVERVIEW According to the March 31 Planting Intentions report issued by AMBA (American Malting Barley Association), for 2022, producers in the USA intend to seed 2.94 million acres of barley for the 2022 crop year, up 11 percent from the previous year. Looking further into the data,… Read more

Proximity Malt, 02-03-2022

MALT TRIALING BEST PRACTICES These days, brewers are able to select from dozens of base and specialty malts for both tried and true production brews, and new recipes as well. Malt styles that were ‘import only’ are now available from domestic suppliers (such as Proximity) who’re laser-focused on the complex… Read more

Proximity Malt, 11-29-2021

In November of 2020, the Proximity Malt team lost a good friend and a very special colleague when Dave Kuske passed away following a short battle with cancer. Dave was a thirty-year veteran of the global brewing industry, who took great pride in being a Wisconsinite. He was born in… Read more

Proximity Malt, 10-08-2021

Summary: A historically inadequate 2021 crop in North America; record-low carry-over stocks; related price increases in crude oil, natural gas & coal pitted against firm global demand for both feed and malting quality barley – all give rise to higher raw material costs in malt production. Indications from growers and… Read more

Proximity Malt, 09-21-2021

What does product innovation look like at Proximity Malt? Who are we innovating for, and what are our key objectives? The answer to these questions is embedded in our promise to customers – we are a ‘new-generation malt company leading the way in providing a full range of malts and… Read more

Proximity Malt, 07-21-2021

July 20th, 2021 As we head into the heart of crop 2021 growing season for spring malting barley and wheat, one of the most dramatic weather situations—extreme heat and drought in the northern tier regions–dominates the story, at least in North America. Growing conditions across Europe are adequate to keep… Read more

Proximity Malt, 07-06-2021

As we have a habit of saying, Proximity does not only mean geography.  Given that the malting process and its biochemical outcomes are the beginning of the brewing process, for us, proximity also means sharing our knowledge and expertise. We want to help you and your brew team understand the… Read more

Proximity Malt, 05-12-2021

May 12, 2021 Crop Overview According to the March 31 Planting Intentions report issued by AMBA (American Malting Barley Association), for 2021, farmers are planning to plant 1% less acreage compared to 2020. While this is a small decrease, the trend is clear: In total, 2021 barley plantings are the… Read more


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