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Mmm-Marzenbier – a Recipe for Happiness!

Proximity Malt, 12-16-2019

Mmm Marzen! Showcasing Proximity’s C-150

A tasty 2019 Proximity Malt highlight came in the form of a recipe early in the year – Mmm-Marzen! : The style known as Marzenbier ‘March Beer’ is a pale lager that originated in Bavaria in the 18th century—a seasonal brew that was purposefully left to lager over the summer months, traditionally to be served at the Autumn Harvest Festivals.  Our version, Mm-mmm Marzen! was created by Brewmasters Steve Dresler, Jason Buehler of Denver Beer Co and our very own Dave Kuske as a Kick-Off to the 2019 CBC which took place in Denver, CO in the late spring.  A true Marzenbier is full bodied, with color that can range from pale to amber to dark brown – our guys took a dive off the deep end by adding one of Proximity’s newer malts – Crystal 150 at 3% because they knew it’d deliver a deep, red-brown color and a hint of raisiny, figgy goodness.

Proximity’s C-150 happens to be Mr. Kuske’s favorite creation to date.  He was aiming for the true-to-style dark fruit complexity, along with a slight cocoa finish. He knew that the plump, high starch and flavorful Genie variety would be a great place to start for such a potentially intense crystal malt. Says Dave, “I’ve always enjoyed using a slight amount of dark roast crystals in my own beers, as a ‘ooh, what was that?’ at the end of the sensory experience.  “In a traditional drum, I couldn’t seem to avoid some unpleasant flavors beyond C-120. Proximity’s continuous coil, with it gentle, non-abrasive roasting, allowed me to push further – and C-150 was the happy result. We felt the Marzen recipe, with its combo of malty-dry base and Munich style malts would get more complex and richer with a slight the C-150 inclusion.”

And in case you’re hankering to brew your own Marzen – here is the full recipe for Proximity Malt and Denver Beer Company’s collaboration Marzen Beer. When it’s ready to serve, give us a shout…we’ll be right over!:

Mmm-Marzen Collaboration Recipe:

Proximity Malts:

Pilsen or Base Malt   50%

Munich 10                   32%

Vienna                         15%

Crystal 150                    3%




Aroma                  Glacier or Brewers Gold


Brew Notes:

O.G.      13.5

E.G.         3.5

Alc.       5.5

B.U.  22-25


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