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Proximity Malt, 07-06-2021

As we have a habit of saying, Proximity does not only mean geography.  Given that the malting process and its biochemical outcomes are the beginning of the brewing process, for us, proximity also means sharing our knowledge and expertise. We want to help you and your brew team understand the… Read more

Proximity Malt, 06-02-2021
Proximity Malt, 05-12-2021

May 12, 2021 Crop Overview According to the March 31 Planting Intentions report issued by AMBA (American Malting Barley Association), for 2021, farmers are planning to plant 1% less acreage compared to 2020. While this is a small decrease, the trend is clear: In total, 2021 barley plantings are the… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-18-2021

One of our most popular non-barley malted products is Malted Oats. With the current trend toward hazy beers and a resurgence in stouts as well, malted oats are a welcomed solution to some age-old problems – stuck mashes, slow run-off and blind filtration, which we explain below. WHY MALTING MATTERS… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-02-2021

March 5th is National Employee Appreciation Day. At Proximity Malt, we take this as an opportunity to look back on how far we’ve come since we began producing malt in 2017, to take stock of the important role of teamwork and individual effort it’s taken to get to where we… Read more

Proximity Malt, 01-21-2021

We’ve been told that some brewers may roll their eyes at a Valentine’s Day Promotion. But when it comes to a clear, crisp and true-to-style Pilsen Beer, what brewer or brewster’s heart doesn’t skip a beat? It’s time to take advantage of our special Pilsen Malt Promotion, just as you prep your grain… Read more

Proximity Malt, 12-29-2020

With four years under our belts, Proximity is no longer the ‘new’ kid on the North American malt industry scene. And so, as the world enters the third decade of the 21st century – Proximity Malt, while still young, has grown into a confident, respected malt supplier, poised for a… Read more

Proximity Malt, 11-11-2020

Think BIG! It’s a great time of year to think about brewing – and soon enough, drinking – big beers. Think stouts, imperials, porters and barrel-aged versions of just-about-anything. Proximity Malt offers a robust palette of base, specialty and roasted malts that brewers can tap to create rich, complex, and… Read more

Proximity Malt, 10-21-2020

San Luis Valley Harvest Summary for 2020 Crop Year The year 2020 has brought its own share of unique challenges, barley farming was no exception with irregular weather events.  However, despite these challenges San Luis Valley farmers were able to rise above them and show some impressive yields. The season… Read more

Proximity Malt, 09-30-2020

Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year for everyone. Proximity Malt knows we can get through these tough times if we work together. For us, working together means partnering with growers and our agricultural community to source the best quality grains for craft brewing, investing in the latest malting and roasting… Read more

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