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Proximity Malt, 09-21-2016


Proximity Malt, 09-21-2016


Proximity Malt, 09-07-2016

Proximity Malt is happy to welcome Jake Capron as our Regional Manager for the Southwest plant in Monte Vista, CO.  Jake earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University where he majored in Feed Science and Management.  He has gained over 10 years of knowledge and experience while… Read more

Proximity Malt, 08-05-2016

Just received our first shipment of Two-Row Barley!!!

Proximity Malt, 07-01-2016

Proximity Malt is pleased to welcome Abigail (Abby) Kanyer to the team.  Abby earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Wellesley College in 2014 and pursued her Masters of Science degree from the University of California – Davis in Food Science and Technology.  Abby is finishing her thesis… Read more

Proximity Malt, 04-11-2016

We are very pleased to announce that Dave Kuske has joined the Proximity Malt team as the Vice President of Operations.  Dave has extensive grains and malting knowledge, having worked for Cargill Malt, Briess Malt, and most recently, Great Western Malting.   At Proximity Malt, Dave will oversee the plants’ construction… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-10-2016 Throughout a lifetime of working in the cereal seed and grain industry, one of the most consistently difficult jobs I’ve had is to convince growers and end-users of grain crops that they need to adopt new cultivars. With one or two notable exceptions, the barley varieties that farmers have… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-10-2016 GERMANTOWN >> Dennis Nesel converts barley to malt the way it was done hundreds of years ago, spreading the water-soaked grain on his malt house floor and turning it with a shovel as it germinates to release the sugar needed for fermentation. “This is old-school heritage malting,” says Nesel,… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-10-2016  Fuel Cafe’s neighbors at its new location in Walker’s Point will include a growing juicing company and a start-up brewing supplier. Fuel Cafe announced last week that it will open in summer in a building that Mark Lathers’ Denmark LQ is redeveloping at 644 S. 5th St. One of… Read more

Proximity Malt, 02-11-2016

A Wisconsin startup wants to add a new flavor to Delmarva’s growing craft-brewing industry. If Proximity Malt has its way, it will process locally grown grains such as barley, wheat and rye into malt for craft breweries across the mid-Atlantic. It has chosen as its local base of operations a site… Read more


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