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Proximity Malt – Here Today, Here Tomorrow Discount!

Proximity Malt, 09-30-2020

Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year for everyone. Proximity Malt knows we can get through these tough times if we work together. For us, working together means partnering with growers and our agricultural community to source the best quality grains for craft brewing, investing in the latest malting and roasting technology and most importantly, delivering on our commitment to provide customers a full range of domestically produced Proximity malts with expert customer service.

Earlier in the year, we offered a Good Neighbor Discount for our customers – our way of helping out when COVID uncertainty was just beginning to impact our daily lives and businesses. While we’ve all learned a lot about how to survive in a pandemic, for craft breweries and their employees, the challenges haven’t stopped. That’s why we’re offering another helping hand– not just today – but for the rest of 2020. Try a new malt (or more than one!) and get great pricing on those items now through the end of 2020.  See eligibility and terms below.



Here Today, Here Tomorrow Discount Program – Eligibility and details:

  • Existing Customers – 15% off any NEW products (SKU’s) trialed and ordered from October 1st, and shipped by12/31/2020.
  • New Customers – 15% off all trials and orders from October 1st, shipped through 12/31/2020.
  • Applies to Proximity produced malt products only (adjuncts excluded).
  • Applies to 50 lb bags and tote orders only.
  • Discounts are based off of Proximity Malt’s list pricing.


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