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Proximity Malt- We’re Here to Help

Proximity Malt, 07-06-2021

As we have a habit of saying, Proximity does not only mean geography.  Given that the malting process and its biochemical outcomes are the beginning of the brewing process, for us, proximity also means sharing our knowledge and expertise. We want to help you and your brew team understand the science, flavors and functionality of malt in the brewhouse. Our technical and production teams deliver decades of industry experience: from sourcing premium grains, to designing great malts, to managing the malting and roasting processes for efficiency, precision, consistency and optimal flavor across all of our products. We offer our expertise, regardless of your size or location.

In the months of the pandemic, we (like everyone) were forced to change habits around travel and in-person meetings. During that time, we developed a few new educational platforms that we hope you’ll find helpful:

Malt in Brewing Series

Our Malt in Brewing Series is accessible both on our You Tube channel ( ) and on our website, here. Listen to Proximity Malt’s own Matt Musial and Greg Fleehart, as they engage with award-winning brewers such as Kane from O’Connor Brewing, Ryan and Nick from Harland Brewing or Bert from Santa Fe Brewing on timely, practical brewing topics. Each session is about 40 minutes long, and chock-full of great insights, tips and practices for great brewing:

  • Silky Stouts and the Malts the Make Them – Kane Wille, O’Connor Brewing
  • Colloidal Stability and Malted Oats – Nick Marron and Ryan Alvarez, Harland Brewing
  • The Role of Malt in Extract Efficiency – Bert Boyce, Santa Fe Brewing

Malt Shorts

Visit our website’s Malt School page for a range of Malt Shorts – videos on topics such as:

  • Barley and Sustainability
  • Malt Milling
  • Proximity’s Innovation Center
  • Malt substitutions
  • Developing flavor in specialty malts

Monday Malt Minutes with Matt Musial

Join us on Social Media platforms, Instagram and Facebook starting May 17th, 2021 for the first in a series of one-minute clips from Matt Musial. He offers quick insights into barley varieties and crop development , malt styles, malt specifications and malt’s functionality in brewing.

Maltster Consultations

Technology is a great servant in helping Proximity bring our expertise to you, the brewer. One of the simplest, most direct ways is for you to ask your sales rep for help. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they’ll match you up with one of our expert maltsters to ensure you get the information you need!  We’re happy to set up a conference call to dive deep into the many ways Proximity Malt is here to help make better beers, and your brew day easier.

Virtual Malthouse Guided Tour

Perhaps our favorite new post-COVID stay-at-home tool, the Proximity Virtual Malthouse Tour remains a fantastic way to learn about how barley transforms into malt. Matt Musial aka ‘Matt The Maltster’ leads viewers in a 30 minute tour of receiving, malthouse, roaster and packaging. Watch and learn as barley arrives from the fields and makes its way through the five steps of malting – cleaning, steeping, germination, kilning and polishing. Matt also highlights our Continuous Coil Roaster – a unique and highly precise means of creating consistent flavor and performance for all of your roasted malt needs.

Contact your Sales Rep to set up a virtual tour conference call with Matt The Maltster today!


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