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Proximity Malt is the first new-generation, full-scale, regional malting facility in North America. We lead the way in malt supply:

  • PREMIUM GRAINS: We select and source local production of premium grain varieties ideal for malted and roasted products for craft-style brewing, distilling and food ingredient customers.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We’ve designed and built advanced technology, full scale malting & roasting facilities that maximize flavor, performance, flexibility and efficiency for all types of customers. At our Innovation Center, we bring exploration of malt flavor, color and performance directly to you.
  • DEDICATED PARTNERS: By locating our facilities in ideal growing regions, we’ve optimized our supply chain and logistics costs to our customers – regardless of size.  With a deep bench of malting, logistics and customer service veterans, our customers benefit from the new generation supply.

We're Here For You. A New Generation. Dedicated To Craft.


Regional sourcing improves the supply chain, because closer grain means logistics efficiency, an engaged growing community and greater security of supply for end-users.

The San Luis Valley in Colorado has grown barley for more than 50 years.  Our new malthouse, in Monte Vista was chosen to take advantage of this consistent malting barley supply.  We are using that advantage to provide locally grown and malted grains to the expanding malt markets in the Southwest.

Delaware, and its neighboring states, particularly Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, are known for their consistent barley production as valuable rotation to potatoes and other crops. With Proximity’s leadership, the Mid-Atlantic region is now the largest winter malting barley growing region in North America.

Each Proximity malthouse site is designed for consistency, flexibility and efficiency – from grain contracting and procurement, to storage, transfers and processing. We’re purpose-built for brewers, distillers and food ingredient customers who expect the best quality, consistency, flexibility and product range available. All with a service commitment aimed to make your day better.

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Our Products

Proximity Malt offers a full range of products, from base malts to roasted malts at both of our malthouses.  Our malt is ready for shipment in bulk, totes, or bags.

Premium grains. Advanced Technology. Experienced maltsters, dedicated to you.


Proximity Malt