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Proximity Malt, 08-25-2023

Producing a full range of premium specialty malts—from base to black, and a wide selection of crystals, in between—is central to Proximity’s mission as a leader in domestically produced, sustainable malt. Along with sourcing sustainable grains locally, our commitment to a resilient supply chain for our customers began with an… Read more

Proximity Malt, 07-26-2023

Avalon Malting Barley – Maryland, USA Harvest: By any measure, this year’s Mid-Atlantic winter barley crop was a success. Proximity Malt expanded its winter barley program, increasing acres, varieties, and grower-partners across the Delmarva peninsula (Delaware, Maryland, and VA) and into the Carolinas. The region’s winter barley harvest is complete…. Read more

Proximity Malt, 06-29-2023

PART OF THE SUSTAINABILITY PUZZLE Proximity’s Mid-Atlantic wheat malt is made from soft winter wheat grown in the Delmarva Peninsula and thereby local to our Laurel, DE malthouse–it’s a sustainability powerhouse! It’s easy to see that sourcing grain locally drives miles out of our supply chain and thereby reduces our GHG… Read more

Proximity Malt, 04-13-2023

PROXIMITY MALT MID-ATLANTIC WINTER BARLEY: The 2022-2023 season for Winter Barley in the Mid-Atlantic region is well underway, and so far, the crop is off to an excellent start throughout the region. With temperatures forecast to reach the mid 80’s in the coming weeks, flowering will likely begin in the… Read more

Proximity Malt, 03-02-2023

  There are a few classic beer styles that we can’t help but admire for their simple yet perfect display of malt flavor and color. For example, Maibock—that delicious variation on Bock Beer dating back to the 17th century. (An interesting aside, Einbocks go back even further to the 14th… Read more

Proximity Malt, 01-20-2023

What’s American about Cream Ale? Common wisdom has it that in the late 1800’s East Coast brewers invented what would become known as American cream ale. It was, as all great inventions are, born from necessity—as a competitive response to the introduction of lighter-tasting pilsner lagers that newly arriving German… Read more

Proximity Malt, 10-31-2022

Proximity Mountain West LCS Odyssey barley in June 2022 – San Luis Valley                                                                           LCS… Read more

Proximity Malt, 06-17-2022

From its inception, the Proximity Malt team sought to provide customers a domestic option to a wide range of exceptional malt flavors. Our full portfolio of malts and roasted products is made possible by our innovative ‘Continuous Coil’ roaster. If you’re interested in understanding the roasting process, visit our Roasting… Read more

Proximity Malt, 04-29-2022

2022 BARLEY CROP OVERVIEW According to the March 31 Planting Intentions report issued by AMBA (American Malting Barley Association), for 2022, producers in the USA intend to seed 2.94 million acres of barley for the 2022 crop year, up 11 percent from the previous year. Looking further into the data,… Read more

Proximity Malt, 02-03-2022

MALT TRIALING BEST PRACTICES These days, brewers are able to select from dozens of base and specialty malts for both tried and true production brews, and new recipes as well. Malt styles that were ‘import only’ are now available from domestic suppliers (such as Proximity) who’re laser-focused on the complex… Read more

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