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Craft Brewers

At Proximity Malt, we’re upping the game for what craft brewers expect from a maltster. More than a global commodity, barley -its provenance, flavors, terroir and quality- are all part of the story of beer. Being local is important –but really, local’s just the beginning of the malt revolution that Proximity is leading.

Our locations are special – for their proximity to excellent barley origination and some of the nation’s most legendary brewers. With 25,000 tons capacity in both Colorado and Delaware, Proximity is the first truly full scale, regional malt company focused entirely on the needs of craft brewing:

  • State-of-the-Art processing maximizes extract potential, uniformity and flavor stability.
  • Secure supply chain sources high performance, European barley varieties that also improve extract and malt performance for craft style, non-adjunct brewing.
  • Highly efficient grower to brewer supply chain  reduces costs (and environmental impact) and leads to competitive pricing.
  • Storage flexibility and process design allows for new product offerings (over 60 products, including our newest product line, ReGenMalt™, and an organic line) across several grains and styles (base, specialty kilned, an roasted).

Find out more about our commitment to working with craft brewers and upping the game for what you expect from your maltster.

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