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Regional Grains

Regional Grains

Calling on decades of experience in the global commercial malting industry, Proximity Malt’s team is forging a new way forward as North America’s first ‘new-generation regional malt company.’ We are a full-scale malt company operating at the nexus of locally sourced grains and vibrant brewing communities. We’re dedicated to providing the best quality malts at the best possible prices.

Locally sourcing premium barley, wheat, oats and rye year after year doesn’t happen overnight. Proximity’s success is powered by our leadership in local grain communities, comprised of researchers, seed companies, farmers and ag transport companies–all close and working together to provide a new standard of consistently and efficiently sourced regional malting grains–barley, wheat, and rye. We are tightening a traditionally extensive, impersonal supply chain, to reduce costs, environmental impact and waste, while producing premium grain quality.

Regenerative Grains

Regenerative Grains: Rooting for our Future

Proximity Malt has shown that keeping the beer production ecosystem closer to home has proven to benefit all stakeholders, from growers to brewers to consumers. Today, as our ecosystem faces agricultural and climate challenges, we are fostering opportunities to help collaborate with our farmers, which helps everyone in the supply chain.

By using grains from barley grown on acres verified as regenerative, Proximity Malt can offer ReGenMalt™, a product that can be delivered with a data package that quantifies carbon avoidance, soil health and biodiversity, and water and input reductions.

Organic Grains

For customers looking for certified organic malt, Proximity is working with Colorado farmers growing grain organically for our Colorado plant, which has been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since 2018. Our grain is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides, by farmers who believe in making an active choice to follow strict rules set out by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP).

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