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Introducing ReGenMalt™: Bringing Sustainable Malt Solutions to Your Brand

Proximity Malt, 04-18-2024

Welcome to Proximity Malt’s official rollout of our newest product line, ReGenMalt™. After years of learning, and engaging with our suppliers and customers, we’re excited to share this game-changing product with you.


Founded on sustainability, Proximity Malt is dedicated to fostering a resilient, environmentally conscious supply chain.  Our close relationship with suppliers/growers has led us to discover some unique and cool things they’re adopting to improve soil, and in consequence, revitalize the land.  Since agriculture has been a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe), when our suppliers make regenerative changes to improve the land, they’re also actively reducing GHGe, sequestering carbon, improving water retention, and biodiversity.  The good news for all of us in the brewing industry is that barley has a relatively deep root system that amplifies these contributions.

We were intrigued as we learned how these regenerative practices brought positive changes to our environment and explored ways to measure these benefits.


Key Features:

By engaging with local growers focused on sustainable practices, we took on a steep learning curve and joined the regenerative agriculture movement. To make meaningful changes in how we contract, grow and procure our raw materials, we knew we had to start with a robust process to measure, monitor, report, and verify (MMRV) the positive changes happening on our partner farms. Ultimately, this data tells the story of how a malting company is building a more resilient barley to malt to beverage supply chain. For more information, please see our grain page. (link to regen page)

  • Environmental Benefits: ReGenMalt™ is crafted from barley cultivated on farms certified for regenerative practices, delivering quantifiable improvements in carbon sequestration, soil health, biodiversity, and resource efficiency.
  • Quality Assurance: Functionally equivalent to our other malted products, ReGenMalt™ guarantees the same high-quality ingredients sourced from environmentally responsible farming methods. Transparent reporting ensures accountability and traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Data-driven Approach: We collaborate with independent consultants to verify and quantify the environmental impact of our practices, providing consumers with tangible insights into their sustainability choices.


  • Sustainability: Breweries can seamlessly integrate ReGenMalt into their processes, knowing they’re supporting eco-friendly initiatives without compromising on quality.
  • Community Engagement: By partnering with American grain growers, ReGenMalt fosters climate-smart alliances, empowering farmers to adopt regenerative practices and promoting knowledge sharing within the industry.
  • Market Differentiation: Utilizing ReGenMalt’s story and data package allows breweries to share their sustainability journey with consumers, reduce scope 3 emissions, and enhance their brand reputation.


Be Part of the Solution with Proximity’s ReGenMalt :

Embracing change can be tough…but in this case, Proximity Malt’s made it pretty straightforward. ReGenMalt comes with a verified data package (examples below) that our customers can use to market a more sustainable product and to measure their overall GHG-E reductions for their own Climate Smart goals.

Even better, ReGenMalt, although grown under regenerative practices, functions in the brewhouse with the same quality and performance as current Proximity malts.
Our customers have made the following comments:

“At New Belgium, we believe business should be a force for good and that’s why we push forward solutions to the biggest environmental challenges to our industry,” said Craig Stuart, New Belgium’s Procurement Materials Manager. “This means working with like-minded industry partners, like Proximity Malt, who believe embracing innovative solutions can enhance both our business and the planet.”

“Not only is Proximity actively helping our grower partners adopt practices that reduce the environmental impacts of agriculture, which directly aligns with New Belgium’s climate goals, this malt achieves fantastic results in the brewhouse that aligns with every brewer’s goal,” said Christian Holbrook, New Belgium’s Technical Brewmaster.

“We only get one planet, and we all have a responsibility to respect and support our Mother Earth.  Proximity’s efforts to promote and incorporate sustainable farming practices in the barley industry is a strong step towards building a better Earth, and Colorado, for generations to come… The quality and performance of ReGenMalt is not affected by changing the way it’s grown, and the flavor and efficiency is on par with the other two-row barley’s currently in Proximity’s portfolio. Still, you gain the benefit of knowing you are doing a small part to help build a better Earth.” Said brewer Eric Yindrick. “As brewers, we recognize the environmental impacts our businesses can have. Here at Denver Beer Co. we strive to reduce these impacts wherever possible.  We only have one planet, and it’s our corporate and social responsibility to conserve and protect our resources.”

Availability and Pricing:

ReGenMalt™ is now available for purchase- contact your sales rep or view our product guide for more information. The small premium will help our growers manage the risks inherent in adopting regenerative agricultural practices, and cover some of the costs of measuring, reporting, and verifying the data.

Proximity Malt takes pride in introducing ReGenMalt™ and invites you to join us in shaping a more sustainable future for brewing. Whether you’re looking to reduce your scope 3 emissions or tell the story of how we can make positive steps in improving climate change, we’re confident that ReGenMalt™ will make a positive impact on your brewery.

Start your journey with ReGenMalt™ today and embark on a new path of sustainable excellence! You can find more information on our regenerative grains here and a link to our product page here.


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