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Proximity Malt

Our Milwaukee headquarters contains our semi-works malting and roasting facility and retail shop.  Our production plants are located in Monte Vista, CO and Laurel, DE.  We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.

Orders: Please send orders via email to:

[email protected] for orders from our Laurel DE plant
[email protected] for orders from our Monte Vista, CO plant
[email protected] for orders from our Milwaukee, WI warehouse

Phone: 414-755-8388

Monte Vista, Colorado
Laurel, Delaware
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Please see our updated contact list for Sales Reps and their refreshed territories (as of May 10th, 2022)

For breweries in:


Western Regional Sales Manager, and Colorado (>5,000 bbls),New Mexico, Arizona, & California
Dustin West: [email protected]


Colorado (<5,000 bbls), New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming & Utah
Jeremiah York: [email protected]


National accounts & distillers
David Poimboeuf: [email protected]

IMG_1934 (1)

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia & North Carolina
Josh Lancaster:  [email protected]

IMG-2196 AJ headshot

Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana
AJ Gambino:  [email protected]


North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska
John Anderson: [email protected]


Northern California, Southern Oregon, & Nevada
Bret Moody: [email protected]

Eddie Chimi Headshot 4

Michigan, Illinois, Indiana
Eddie Anderson: [email protected]

Chris Vasquez headshot

New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania
Chris Vasquez: [email protected]

sunlit field

Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio
contact: [email protected]

sunlit field

Eastern Regional Sales Manager, and Florida, West Virginia, Georgia & South Carolina
contact: [email protected]

Mike Webser headshot

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Mike Webster: [email protected]

All other states, or questions
[email protected]


    Let us know how to get back to you.

    Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.
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