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The Proximity Malt Story

Today’s malt begins close to home. Reliable, secure supply is the first step in providing true and sustainable quality.


“We knew there was a better mousetrap. The traditional malted barley supply chain—with touchpoints at ports, switchyards and truck depots has so much tied up in logistics costs…not to mention today’s currency and political risks. There had to be a way to bring a secondary supply chain closer to the breweries.”

Dale West, CEO Proximity Malt

With the success of thousands of local craft breweries, distilleries, and culinary businesses throughout North America, the legacy placement of existing malting capacity—originally built to meet the midcentury needs of large, national companies– became outdated and inefficient for the new craft-driven demand. After all, what sense does it make to source your barley hundreds of miles away, to process it in huge, nameless batches and to ship it in relatively small batches across the country or ocean to hundreds of end-users of various types and sizes?

While multinational, commercial maltsters tweaked at the edges of innovation, a challenge and opportunity arose in the malt world from the craft movement’s explosive success: How could today’s malt industry better serve the new, craft-focused end-user?


We partner with customers to explore malt’s flavor and functionality in new ways, with advanced technology and premium raw materials. By sourcing our grains as locally as possible, we’ve created a sustainable, cost efficient supply chain. With a team of industry veterans leading the way, Proximity defines the new generation of malt supply.


“We wanted to develop sustainable supplies of locally-grown, premium barley and malt those grains to a new standard—one defined by the needs of All-Malt craft-style brewers and distillers, regardless of size. From that, Proximity Malt, the first regional malt company dedicated to the needs of craft brewers, distillers and food-users was born.”

Dale Bugajski, CFO Proximity Malt

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