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Monte Vista, Colorado

Nestled in the heart of the San Luis Valley halfway between Denver and Albuquerque, Proximity has great neighbors: Farmers here have been growing exceptional quality malting barley and other grains for generations. As the first full-scale malthouse in the San Luis Valley, we bring welcomed vibrancy to a mature and premium agricultural community, helping to keep the full value of local agriculture close to home. Growers here appreciate barley as a preferred crop due to its relatively low water and chemical input requirements. With deep roots, barley is a great rotation crop, restoring the soil for high input crops, such as potatoes.

The San Luis Valley is large, with ample acreage to supply the plant’s yearly demand for barley, as well as other grains such as wheat, rye and oats. To ensure our security of supply in case of wide scale crop damage, we also work closely with growers on the nearby Front-Range, another traditional and sought-after malting barley region. True to our mission, we continue to explore opportunities to develop underutilized grain producing regions where malting barley makes sense – in nearby places like Texas, New Mexico and Kansas.

Proximity Malt’s Colorado facility is also home to our full-service malt laboratory, allowing us to provide customers with a range of analytical specifications on each batch of malt.


Southwest Regional Manager

Proximity Malt