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Premium Malts

Proximity’s commitment to producing premium malts begins with identifying the varieties intended for all malt brewing, that also grow well in our regional agricultural locations. We then work with our grower partners throughout the crop year, and select only the best quality from each harvest. As a result, we guarantee that our products – from base malt to black malt, from barley, wheat, rye and oats – raise the bar of excellence. We stand behind our malts for both sensory and functional brewhouse results. Our seasoned team of  grain procurement professionals and maltsters collaborate year in and year out to consistently provide a full range of domestically produced malts. Brewers of any size can rely on Proximity Malts as the foundation of great beer.

Advanced Technology

Once our grains are selected and brought into our malthouse, the process begins: sorting & cleaning leads to steeping, germinating and kilning our base and high-kilned malts. Some batches are diverted after germination or kilning for further processing into crystals and roasted malts. Check out our unique ‘continuous coil’ roaster here!

Dedicated to Craft

From the delicate flavors of Pale Ale, Vienna and Munich malts to the strong flavors of chocolate malt and roasted barley, specialty malts give beer much of its color, aroma and flavor. Brewers throughout history have employed these malts much as an artist mixes her paints to make their unique mark on the craft of brewing.  Similarly, Proximity’s team works to create and perfect these flavorful ingredients in a spectrum of color that become the soul of your beer.

Our ‘Continuous Coil’ roaster is a welcomed departure from traditional drum-roasting (which was a method originally designed for coffee, not grains with hulls). Our system precisely controls moisture and airflow in a heat-calibrated coil. Dozens of data points provide for precision and consistency. The outcome is a range of roasted malts, from C-15 to black malt that are roasted to specification, each and every time.   We now offer more than 25 roasted products, including a range of crystal-rye and wheat options.

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