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Laurel, Delaware

Close to shipping ports and east coast metropolises, Laurel, Delaware has been a rich agricultural zone since the time of the first settlers. Proximity Malt works closely with local growers eager to introduce premium malting barley varieties into their crop rotation, to improve the soil and maximize their return per acre. Bringing a malt facility to the heart of barley country is beneficial for many reasons.  The community retains the extended economic value of local agricultural, from seed companies to farm equipment. By minimizing in-bound barley distance, we not only reduce the environmental footprint, we reduce weather, currency and supply risks. Most importantly, Proximity’s commitment to local gives customers a chance to get closer to the farm and the farmer who grows their grain.

Just like in Monte Vista, Colorado–Proximity Malt works with dozens of local growers to source barley, wheat and other grains from acres within a hundred miles of the facility. We produce about 25,000 Tonnes of base malt per year in each facility – enough for about 2 million barrels of beer!  Each facility operates a state-of-the-art roast house, where we create a full portfolio of flavor and color from barley, rye and wheat for a range of customers.

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