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Milwaukee, WI Innovation Center

“As our company has grown, so have our demands on our Innovation Center. We will still use the semi-works to explore crop year changes, test new varieties and develop malting recipes for the plants. But Proximity’s commitment to innovation is becoming more focused on expanding our product ranges, testing how process changes will impact flavor, and how we can make better products more efficiently.”

Matt Musial, Maltster, Director of Quality and Safety

Proximity Malt headquarters are in Milwaukee, WI. Our commitment to the customer is on display at our new Malt Innovation Center, housed in the same building. This state-of-the-art facility provides us and our customers with a unique and valuable range of capabilities.

Our Innovation Center allows us to:

  • Analyze, assess and prioritize potential new grains and grain varieties
  • Develop new malt products and recipes
  • Refine or customize targeted flavors, colors, etc in existing products
  • Work with brewers to explore new malt uses, characteristics, colors and flavors in existing or new brewing recipes
  • Work with brewers to explore malt’s functionality with other raw materials as a key element of any beer’s structure
  • Maintain product consistency from crop year to crop year
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