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Welcome Matt Musial to the Proximity Malt Team!

Proximity Malt, 01-27-2017

Proximity Malt is pleased to welcome Matt Musial as the Regional Manager for our Mid-Atlantic plant in Laurel, DE.  From his food science degree at Michigan State University, to his MS in Plant Science from North Dakota State University, Matt turned his passion for malting and brewing into a career with the Stroh Brewing Company, Anheuser Busch, BP Biofuels and Boston Beer.  This 20-year career has allowed him to develop a diverse set of skills and experiences across malting, brewing, and alternative energy.  His passion for safety, operations and crafting the world’s best malt is matched only by his passion for his wife and family, who have shared homes in 11 states, and he has loved the beer from each one.  Matt and his wife Kristie are both excited to be a part of the Delmarva region and will enjoy all it has to offer.   Matt and Kristie have three boys, and Matt enjoys golfing, fishing, going to the beach, and karaoke.  So come on by Laurel to see the newest malt facility on the east coast and share a pint or two with Matt, he’s looking forward to your visit.  Matt will report to his Jedi Malt Master, Dave Kuske.


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